Regarding those Wii HD rumours...

So the rumour mill has started on the next home console from Nintendo. One of the big features is apparently going to be a controller with a HD screen built-in. This can only mean one thing...

Zelda: Four Swords Adventure 2! Woohoo!


  1. The new nintendo console will be playable at the next E3. Im i freaking out or what?!!!!!!

  2. Hellz yeah! It's an awesome time to be a Nintendo fan!

    Although it probably won't be as awesome when they announce the price... this thing looks to be expensive. I mean, even now I consider buying another pair of wiimotes+nunchuck wallet-breaking... what then when I need to get an extra controller for the new console?

  3. Yes... i remember when controllers used to be 20 bucks. This gaming system generation really took Their product pricing to another level. I mean how much is the,(rumored) "touch screen" nintendo controller is gonna cost?!. :s

  4. Well now we know what the new wiiu looks like. Did you get a 3dsnow thats the price has been dropped?

  5. I found the Wii U reveal to be slightly disappointing but I'm being cautiously optimistic about the whole thing. I really hope they get their online services act together when it launches.

    Haven't bought a 3DS yet but now with Zelda out and Starfox on the way, plus the price drop I really have no excuse do I? I'm still waiting for the Malaysian price to drop as well and then I will consider it.


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