The Consoles I Own and Want to Own.

So currently I own:
  • 1 x Game Boy Advance (JP, Indigo, melted screen)
  • 1 x Game Boy Advance (EU, Indigo) [added: 22/03/2011]
  • 1 x GameCube (NTSC, Indigo)
  • 1 x Game Boy Player (NTSC, Black)
  • 1 x Game Boy Micro (EU, Silver)
  • 1 x Game Boy Micro (US, 20th Anniversary Edition) [added: 22/03/2011]
  • 1 x Wii (NTSC, official Malaysian unit)
  • 1 x Nintendo DS Lite (Crimson Black, Korean)
I know it's somewhere, I just have to dig around a bit:
  • 1 x GameBoy Pocket (Yellow)
So yeah, not a particularly impressive collection but I am planning to get some older consoles down the road, whenever the time is right. I will update this post when I obtain them. My current wish list:
  • Famicom
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC)
  • Super Nintendo (NTSC)
  • More GBAs (regular or frontlit/backlit SPs)
  • Virtual Boy (haha, well, we'll see)
I will try do a list of Nintendo-related games I own but that will have to wait, I think. I just moved and I'm still getting my house into some semblance of order and that is going slowly because I seem to be using the money I should use for shelves (I have a LOT of books) for buying old, useless video games instead.

p/s Oh yeah, I'll be getting a 3DS as well.


    1. How about the 3DS ;)

    2. Yeah, I'll be getting that too! (Forgot to put that in when I was writing the post but I've fixed that.)

      Not sure if I want to get it at launch yet though. Was really hyped up for Ocarina of Time in 3D.

    3. Very nice collection. You should make a review on the gameboy micro. I love that little, awesome creation

    4. Okay! I will! I'd have to use it a bit first... I've haven't even used that cute lil thing much since I got it. It's too damn awesome

    5. Like you said. "so many ges, so little time" ill be glady waiting for the review.


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